Don't Let Nécessaire's Sexy Ads Distract You From How Good Its Body Lotion Is

Nécessaire The Body Lotion

Welcome to Off the Grid, our column that investigates the beauty products you’re seeing slip into the Explore pages of your Instagram with their beautiful packaging and styling. We’re spotlighting those (not-so) hidden gems of the beauty world to see if those growing brands on social media are really worth the hype.

There is one thing nearly every shelfie has in common these days: a tube of Nécessaire’s The Body Cream.

The masterminds behind that particular lotion — Nick Axelrod, a cofounder of Into the Gloss, and Randi Christiansen, who spent over a decade at Estée Lauder — came together to start a wellness-focused bodycare line (which, by the way, includes a Sex Gel ($20)). Even though some of the IG mentions are #spon, the brand is taking over the feeds of beauty enthusiasts with its body-centric sexy imagery, minimalist packaging, and placement in curated product collections. It has even secured a slot in this year’s Nordstrom’s Fresh Faces, a pop-up of crowd-favorite beauty and wellness brands carefully curated by the retailer’s vice president of creative.

With the help of cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson, and season-long testing, we’ve tried and looked into how efficacious these products are.

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