Mother blasts Girlguiding for not allowing her son to join Rainbows

Mother blasts Girlguiding for refusing to let her seven-year-old son join Rainbows unless he identifies as a girl – claiming he’s too young to have a ‘label’ put on him Sarah Baker, 35, from Darwen, Lancashire, has slammed Girlguiding UK She says the group refused her son Seán, seven, from joining Rainbows  Mother explained why […]

Pink disables comments on her Instagram page amid mommy shaming

Pink doesn’t want to hear or see any more comments from the parenting police. Interested in Parenting? After once again defending herself against mommy shamers on Instagram, the singer has disabled comments on her Instagram page. “Just a friendly reminder to those of you that need it: [middle finger emoji] there will be no more […]

Rare Scottish wildcat kittens born in the Highlands

Two rare Scottish wildcat kittens have been born at the Aigas Field Centre in the Scottish Highlands. They may be small and adorable, but they’re fierce. They’re the first litter for a wildcat called Glynis. This is a big deal – there are thought to be under 400 pure wildcats left in the world, with […]