Dad creates app that locks your kid's phone until they answer your text

But now one dad has created an app which prevents children from ignoring their parents' phone calls and texts – and it's nothing short of genius.

British father Nick Herbert, 46, was inspired to create the app ReplyASAP when his 14-year-old son Ben repeatedly screened his calls.

The app, which has now been downloaded by thousands of protective parents around the world, allows people to send messages with an alarm even if the receiver's phone is on silent.

Once received, the messages then take over and lock the screen before allowing users to either snooze for three minutes or reply immediately.

After they've selected one of the two option, the sender then receives a notification to confirm their message has been received.

Revealing what inspired him to create the software, Nick said: "[Ben's] phone was constantly on silent or he was doing something else so I thought there must be a way of being able to get an important message to him I need to."

Acknowledging how popular the app has proved with parents all over the world, he added: "It was a problem I had in not being able to contact my son but it never occurred to me that other parents might have the same issue."

What's more, the app also works both ways and allows the two consenting users to override each other's devices in case of an emergency.

Nick added: "Both parties have the ability to block the other person."

However, the designer admitted there is "nothing stopping" anyone from deleting the app from their phone.

Although ReplyASAP was first launched in August 2017, it has now had over more than 100,000 downloads and is only currently available on Android phones.

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