Idiot lad feels the wrath of women everywhere after claiming they ‘don’t enjoy sex’

A MAN who claimed ladies only 'tolerate' sex has been slammed by women on Twitter.

Scott Gurstein, 53, from California, was responding to a jokey tweet from a woman that said: "We enjoy sex too."

He took it to heart, saying: "Women may CLAIM to like sex, but you really don't. You TOLERATE it under LIMITED circumstances and during limited time frames.

"That's nature's design. Please be honest now."

But he didn't stop there, fighting his corner again and again… and again.

In another tweet he mentioned the #MeToo movement – to people's disdain.

He said: "Look, if women enjoyed sex and pursued it the same way men do, why is there such a thing as the #metoo movement?

"Why are women not out there trying to f**k 80% of the men they meet the way men are? You can't seriously assert men and women are the same here."

Other remarks made by Scott included: "I seriously can't be the first person to report the expressions by countless women about how much of a chore sex is to them…especially when conditions deteriorate, such as boredom with the relationship.

"Patriarchy does exist, sure does."

But hundreds of people turned on Scott – with many teasing maybe women just didn't enjoy sex with him.

One woman said: "If you think most women don't enjoy sex, I gently suggest that you and the friends you're hearing from are simply doing it wrong. And that they're not being pursued for a reason."

Another added: "Holy s***, you're really out here tweeting that the metoo movement exists because women don't like sex.

Men piped in to with one saying: "There is a 106% chance you have sex with socks and sandals on."

Maureen said: “People hate food, it’s a known fact! Just ask anyone I’ve ever cooked for.”

Another added: "Dude, this just means you’re doing it wrong. And admitting that on Twitter."

Meanwhile a man tried to explain the difference between a vagina and a vulva to women – and was immediately taken down.

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And a £17 ‘sheet mask’ for your vagina – which we tried out.

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