Staying hydrated is essential as it could affect your sex life and these tips will boost your intake


Water in a can makes total sense if you’re trying to cut down on plastics. Cans go from recycling bin to shop shelf in 60 days. CanO Water natural spring water comes in 330ml and 500ml sizes, still or sparkling, with a resealable top. It seems odd to drink water out of a can, and the drinking hole is too small to refill, but it’s still a great idea.

From £1 per can,

£1.35 per 500ml bottle,

If you pour red wine into this . . . pure water comes out. ZeroWater claims to be the only water filter brand that removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids in tap water – the equivalent of purified bottled water. It reduces lead, chromium, chlorine, fluoride, radium and asbestos. The 12 cup-capacity jug delivers the purest- tasting water – and since I’ve started using it, I’ve stopped buying bottles. Great investment.

£39.99 per 12 cup capacity jug,


Skin & Tonic, Detox Beauty Oil, £27 – buy now

A purifying serum including jojoba, watermelon seed and bergamot oils. Formulated for oily and combination skin to help reduce bacterial growth, balance sebum levels and control breakouts. It smells gorgeous and made a big difference to my skin – blemishes I couldn’t clear for months have almost disappeared. Very happy.

Caudalie VineActive Overnight Detox Oil, 30ml £30 – buy now

A natural detox oil to clarify skin as well as tackle fine lines and wrinkles over time, for a radiant glow. Has an earthy scent due to the natural ingredients but this didn’t bother me – I actually really liked the smell. It’s a dry oil so absorbs instantly, which was a big plus. I didn’t notice changes but I have problem skin – a friend tested it and loves it. Suitable for all skin types.

Bobbi Brown Skin Clarifier 14ml, £30 – buy now

Formulated with manuka, sea buckthorn and rosehip oils to balance oil levels in the skin and increase cell turnover. Promises to unclog and clarify pores. Salicylic acid helps to gently exfoliate and tackle blemishes. It took longer to absorb than the other two oils tested but I did notice positive changes. After a few weeks of using this, my skin definitely seemed to more balanced and less oily. To be used morning and night.

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