‘Patient’ McGregor mopped floors and polished brass in churches for community service while surrounded by henchmen, reveals pastor

The Mixed Martial Arts fighter repeatedly said it was ‘humbling’ to do manual labour like taking out the trash, washing floors and polishing brass handrails.

But McGregor, who is worth around £75 million, did have a seven-strong entourage with him – and a nutritionist to give him breakfast and lunch.

McGregor did his community service in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a poor African American neighbourhood of Brooklyn, for throwing a metal trolley at a rival fighter during a melee at the Barclays Centre arena last April.

Pastor Clive Neil of the Bedford Central Church said that Dublin-born McGregor, 30, spent last week working every day from 11am to 4pm.

Pastor Neil said: "He kept on using that word – ‘humbling’.

"He was doing physical work – vacuuming, mopping, moving boxes, moving supplies, putting out the garbage and so forth.

"He was quite patient in rubbing down the brass, polishing with spray and a cloth. He has enough strength in his muscles to do that."

Pastor Neil said McGregor had an entourage of "six or seven people with him" including a few "big" bodyguards who watched over him.

But they "did not help him with the work" and McGregor did it all by himself.

Pastor Neil said McGregor’s nutritionist supplied his breakfast and lunch, including "quinoa, carrots, apple and a smoothie".

The Bedford Central Church is Presbyterian and says on its website "our aim is to assist people in ways of growing and maturing so each may serve the world".

McGregor told pastor Neil that as a Catholic it ‘felt good that we were accommodating him’.

The two men also shared a joke about McGregor’s nickname "Notorious" as a rapper by the same name is from Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Pastor Neil said: ‘He told us that in Ireland, he’s known as ‘The Notorious.’ And when he came to Bed-Stuy, he recognized that this is the home of The Notorious B.I.G.’

McGregor’s community service was part of a plea deal under which he also had to attend an anger management course.

He pleaded guilty to a minor charge of disorderly conduct which is classed as a ‘violation’ and leaves him without a criminal record and able to continue his MMA career.

The criminal complaint said McGregor was guilty of trying to "recklessly cause physical injury’ to several people during his meltdown on April 5 lat year.

According to prosecutors, McGregor and his protegee Cian Cowley, 26, an MMA fighter who is from Hyde Park in Dalkey, Dublin, entered the car park of the Barclays Centre at 1.30am local time as a bus arrived with other fighters on board.

McGregor appears to have targeted Khabib Nurmagomedov, a Russian fighter who inherited McGregor’s champion’s belt and was on the bus where he was showered in glass.

Video of the incident shows McGregor picking up the metral trolley and throwing it at the bus, showering those inside with glass including Nurmagomedov.

According to the complaint McGregor also hit another fighter on board ‘in the head with a closed fist’.

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