Coronation Street’s Seb Franklin could be responsible for the fatal Underworld roof collapse reveals actor Harry Visinoni

The 19-year-old's character is currently embroiled in a bitter feud with Gary Windass, which he says could cause him to take dramatic steps for revenge.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Harry admitted that his character definitely had "the potential" to be the next on screen bad boy and even hinted that he could be behind the impending factory collapse.

The actor went on to call Seb "impulsive" and admitted that he was capable of making irrational decisions especially when it comes to getting his revenge on his former boss.

Harry added: "He wants to take Gary down a peg or two because that's what Seb thinks he deserves. Making him look like a dodgy builder would do the trick."

The young builder's feud began after Seb attempted to take a pass at Gary's girlfriend Sarah Platt which resulted in him losing his job.

And according to Mikey North, who plays Gary, his character thinks Seb Franklin made the factory roof collapse on purpose – in a vicious bid for revenge.

He said: "Gary feels he’s given Seb enough chances. There are three or four times where he takes him back on, even after he walked in on Sarah in the bath."

"He made a pass at Gary’s girlfriend and he still kept his job, despite Gary niggling him at work, but then he decided to punch Gary so that was the final nail in the coffin for Seb.

"He’s definitely now looking for a way to get revenge on Gary, and damaging the factory roof further to make it look like Gary’s a dodgy tradesman would be the perfect opportunity."

Viewers of the soap were quick to back up Mikey's claim too, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on who will be behind the factory collapse that is set to claim the life of one well-loved character.

One viewer speculated: “Ohh I’ve just had an idea… what if Seb gets his revenge on Gary by doing something to cause the factory roof to collapse and the person who dies is Abi?!!  #Corrie.”

Another wrote: “think Abi will die at the hands of Seb in next week's factory roof collapse.”

While another commented: Wonder if seb will be the one to cause the factory roof to collapse ? #Corrie #CoronationStreet”

Viewers will have to wait until next week to find out.

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