Winnipeg event makes Valentine’s Day cards for women living in shelters

Hundreds of cards are being created to give women and children living in shelters a positive experience on Valentine’s Day.

Andre Vautour read about the event online and thought it would be a great learning experience for his son, Kaden

“There is another side to life,” Vautour said. “We can show women who have had to suffer through abuse from men…that there are good men out there.”

The arts and crafts session is just a part of the massive “Stitching Hearts” movement, which aims to send handmade cards to shelters across North America.

“February 4th is the day that we are going to gather all of them together,” said Murat Ates, one of the event’s organizers. “All the hundred to two hundred [cards] we make today will contribute to about two or three thousand.”

A group of men crafting Valentine\’s Days cards at the Goodwill Social Club on Portage Avenue.

Ates says he’s just a tiny part of what has become a massive project since Stitching Hearts began in 2015.

“We [work] with the shelters to make sure kids, trans folk, women, staff and volunteers will have something to get for Valentine’s Day,” he saud.


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