Remember the Super Bowl? J Lo's Stylist Just Shared a Tutorial For Her Halftime Show Hair

With so much that has since happened, it’s hard to believe that we’re still living in the same year as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime show. Even so, it did indeed happen just seven months ago, and it was glorious. Now giving us another excuse to daydream about (and perhaps rewatch) it is celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, who just recently shared a tutorial breaking down the bouncy waves he style on J Lo for the big performance.

“There was something about the Super Bowl that felt so electric,” said Appleton in the video. “I don’t even think I slept for like days before that.” He went on to reveal that Lopez wore a much curlier hairstyle with a side part for a pre-recorded version of the performance, which would have aired if the weather had been bad on the day of the Super Bowl. Appleton was relieved that didn’t happen because, “The hair did not go as planned . . . It just kept going back into curls, like ringlets.”

On the actual day of, Appleton decided to go with a middle part with less tightly wound curls, and he basically went crazy brushing it out right before Lopez took the stage. (Thankfully, there’s video documentation of that exact moment.)

Watch Appleton recreate the look with a few simple products and, well, two different curling irons ahead.

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