[Rumor] Amazon Developing Hand-Scanning Payment System

Apparently, there’s nothing Amazon won’t try to develop. One of the most profitable companies in the world is hard at work trying to make it easier for Amazon members and customers to more easily part with their money as they are rumored to be working on a hand-scanning payment system.

Yes, Amazon is reportedly working on a payment system that will be credit card, debit card, and cash-free. This new system will accept payment information from clients by simply allowing them to waive their hand over a point of sale device.

If true, it would be a huge jump in the way customers pay for goods. Currently, employees at Amazon’s New York offices are testing it out on a handful of vending machines to buy such items as sodas, chips, granola bars and phone chargers.

Amazon would not comment on the reports, calling them only rumors, but speculation is Amazon hopes to roll out the scanners by the beginning of 2020 and have them installed inside Whole Foods supermarkets.

If the idea of using your fingerprints or skin to identify you is a bit creepy, that’s understandable. The good news here is that customers won’t actually have to touch the scanners, just waive your hands over the device and the scanner is already accurate to within one ten-thousandth of 1%. Even more, Amazon engineers are striving to improve that number, getting accuracy within a millionth of 1%. It would be virtually impossible to steal someone’s identity unless that person is being forced to waive their hand for someone else while at the scanner.

Is Amazon Nuts, Reckless or Ingenius?

This wouldn’t be Amazon’s first attempt to completely reshape the way shoppers shop. Not long ago, Amazon made headlines when they introduced Amazon Go to the world. They basically created convenience stores that didn’t have cash registers on site and only Amazon Go customers could shop at these locations through the use of their phones. Customer literally scanned their phone upon entry, took what they needed and left.

Amazon ran into troubles with people claiming discrimination if they couldn’t afford a smartphone, thus Amazon did eventually add registers. Will they have a lot of the same issues with hand-scanners? The only hurdle might be shoppers who don’t have hands.

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