Yara Shahidi, Future President, Poses Sans Makeup on Instagram

There are seemingly endless reasons to love Yara Shahidi: the 19-year-old Harvard student and actress is talented, works hard, and has even been recognized by Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton for her activism. Another reason to love Shahidi? She keeps it real on social media.

The actress doesn’t always post a picture-perfect, edited version of herself, but rather a mix of her red-carpet-glam moments and also her makeup-free ones. Most recently, she posted a selfie of herself sans cosmetics and stretching out her curly hair. This is just one of her many natural looks she’s posted, countless of which she’s posing in the ideal glowy light (seriously, can she reveal her selfie tips?) that shows off her luminous skin.

Check out some of her best no-makeup looks ahead.

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