Akon Gives Update on His City in Senegal, Says Big Reveal Coming

Akon‘s plan to bring a futuristic city to his childhood country of Senegal is getting closer to coming to fruition, and he’s going to show it off soon … a 3D rendering anyway.

The singer was at LAX Wednesday when he gave us an update on “Akon City” … which he says is 7 years in the making so far, and he’s still cutting through the red tape.

Akon confirms what he announced last month — he’s finalized an agreement for the city and secured the land … but adds he’s now working on a partnership with the government to implement tax-free policies and incentives he wants to attract business.

He says he’s dead serious about his city resembling Wakanda from “Black Panther” — with all the latest and most progressive technology — and believes it’s in the perfect geographical location to make it happen.

Akon drops some more facts about West Africa to paint a picture of what Akon City’s going to look like … and says he’ll drop a YouTube video soon to share his vision.

Stay tuned …

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