Ballon d’Or winner Ada Hegerberg was asked to ‘twerk’ by douche-bro host

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Since I don’t follow soccer/football whatsoever – SORRY – I had to wiki “Ballon d’Or.” Ballon d’Or is a prestigious annual football award which has traditionally gone to the best male football player from the previous year of play. The award is handed out by the French Football association, and the award is voted on by sports journalists. It’s been happening since 1956, and this year was the first year that the organization decided to also recognize the best female football player of the year and give her a separate Ballon d’Or Award. This year’s winner is Ada Hegerberg, a Norwegian woman who has spent her entire career just killing it. While I’m not a football person, this video gave me goosebumps:

— #ballondor (@francefootball) December 3, 2018

So, she’s an incredible player, a once-in-a-generation athlete, she’s this generation’s Mia Hamm, and literally millions of little girls and little boys just flat-out worship her. She’s such a groundbreaking talent that a prestigious French football organization changed their rules just to give her an award. When she got up to receive the Ballon d’Or, she gave a speech about working hard and achieving her dreams and wanting to inspire little girls. And then the host, a DJ d-bag named Martin Solveig, asked her to twerk. Ugh.

Then giving an unbelievable speech about how big this is for women's football.

Then asking little girls to believe in themselves.

THEN being asked to twerk. Fuck off dude.

— Frances Silva (@fasilva11) December 3, 2018

The disrespect was real. The horror and disgust was palpable. Within a few hours, Solveig apologized and tried to act like it was all some big misunderstanding:

— Martin Solveig (@martinsolveig) December 3, 2018

— Martin Solveig (@martinsolveig) December 3, 2018

She was doing what women have done since the beginning of time: pretending to be unbothered so that some douche-bro’s fragile ego won’t get hurt.

Sir Andy Murray, Tennis Feminist, was really f–king pissed off about this too.

— Stuart Fraser (@stu_fraser) December 3, 2018

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