Cardi B Gets Naked and Breastfeeds A Fake Baby in New 'Money' Music Video

4:11 PM PT — A source close to Cardi tells us the baby in the video isn’t Kulture, in fact, it’s not a real baby at all.Cardi B took “bring your daughter to work day” to a whole new level … by featuring Kulture in a not so traditional way in her brand new music video. 

The rapper goes topless in her vid for “Money” — which dropped Friday — to breastfeed her baby girl, Kulture. Because it’s Cardi, there’s also no shortage of her in lavish outfits, sexy dance moves … and shots of her ass.

Who knew she played piano?

As we’ve reported … Cardi’s been pretty stingy providing pics or vids of her daughter, but made a big reveal shortly after announcing her split with Offset.

Offset announced on his birthday he wanted Cardi back, and to spend Christmas together as a family. He also crashed her stage at Rolling Loud last weekend with $15,000 in roses … only to be rejected in front of a ton of people. 

Kulture was hidden from the world for a long time … but she’s definitely getting tons of attention now though.

Originally Published — 12:08 PM PST

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