Chris Noth Is Confident He Will Never Portray Mr. Big Again — Sorry, ‘SATC’ Fans!

Chris Noth is arguably more well known for his portrayal of Mr. Big in the Sex and the City franchise than for anything else he’s done in his (long and successful!) career on screen.

But he’s not exactly clamoring for an SATC return any time soon…or, ever — it sure sounds like Mr. Big is DONE!

Speaking this week to The Sun, Noth had a lot to say in the process of clearing up some questions about his character, starting with a very simple answer to whether there would ever be another movie in the franchise (below):

“There’s no drama, there’s no movie, there’s nothing going on with it, it’s over it’s gone.”

Sounds… pretty damn definitive! Judging by ALL the drama that has long surrounded the show, though, we can’t exactly say we’re surprised by this admission.

But there is one thing that Noth is adamant about, even if the show isn’t returning — Mr. Big was NEVER going to die, as some rumors had suggested.

Noth cleared all that up speaking with the outlet, saying (below):

“He wasn’t going to die. There’s no way he was dying that was all a lie.”

A man of few words — but they are all definitive! Well, almost…

When asked if he thought Kim Cattrall was the one who leaked the Mr. Big death rumor, all he could say was:

“I don’t know.”

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