Claire Foy Talks About Her ‘Crown’ Pay Gap Controversy

Claire Foy is on the cover of WSJ. Magazine’s latest isssue.

Here’s what the 34-year-old actress had to share with the mag…

On taking time off from work to be with her three-year-old daughter: “I am very confident in saying I deserve a rest. It’s lovely, completely self-indulgent. I only have a year left with her. I just can’t bear it. There is a quote, and I am not sure if I am remembering it right…. ‘Having the option of doing the extraordinary makes the ordinary more extraordinary.’ That makes sense to me.”

On The Crown pay gap controversy: “I was being paid less than Matt [Smith]. It was a short, sharp initiation into people wanting you to have an opinion about something you’re involved in. You want to make sure you are saying something beneficial for a huge number of people, something that is not reductive and that you believe in, but you don’t really know enough about.”

Matt, on the pay gap: “We were suddenly thrust into this discussion that none of us knew anything about. But we had a sense of unity, and I fully support Claire. Claire is interested in good things and good people. She is f—ing brilliant; she is compelling, beguiling, interesting, irreverent. If she could hear me now she would be sticking two fingers up at me. The only challenge is trying to get her out.”

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