Danny Aiello recovers pinky ring lost at the movies

It was the Miracle on 68th Street.

Danny Aiello went to see “Green Book” — the movie about his late friend Tony Lip, played by Viggo Mortensen — Wednesday at the AMC Loews at Lincoln Square.

Aiello had just called Lip’s son Nick Vallelonga to congratulate him for co-writing the poignant picture, which is destined to win awards, when he noticed that his $5,000 pinky ring was missing.

“I looked all over the car and couldn’t find it, and I knew I’d lost it in the theater,” Aiello said.

A friend stopped by the next day on the off chance that an honest soul had turned it in.

“The manager came out with a big tub filled with hats and gloves and scarves,” Aiello said. “At the bottom was my ring. This story almost makes me want to cry with joy!”

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