Felicity Huffman’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ Co-Star Ricardo Chavira Slams Her Short Prison Sentence

One of Felicity Huffman‘s former Desperate Housewives co-stars, Ricardo Chavira, who portrayed Carlos on the show, is not happy with her lenient prison sentence of only 14 days for her role in the college admissions scandal.

Ricardo tweeted the tweets several weeks ago when the sentence was handed down, however, they are just now gaining attention.

“White Privilege. And I saw Eight years worth of it, so I know what I’m talking about,” Ricardo tweeted, seemingly referring to his years starring on Desperate Housewives from 2004-2012. He quote tweeted an article with the 14 day sentence, adding “Accountability and Responsibility don’t mean sh*t to these people.”

“I saw Eight years worth of it working on Housewives,” Ricardo continued. “I’ve seen a lifetime of it being a halfbreed, and I’ve struggled w the intricacies of it on a daily basis w all the cultural bias I’ve received on both ends. But whatever. Slap on the wrist. Sorry, but this sh*t.”

He also added, “it’s not about race. Tired of stupid people and their stupid arguments. If you haven’t lived it, you really have no say. Stay in your lane.”

Meanwhile, if you missed it, the creator of Desperate Housewives recently revealed that one of the stars of the show had major behavioral issues.

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