Inside Botched’s Dr. Terry Dubrow’s relationship with his wife Heather

She devastated fans by turning her back on the reality show that made her, but what Heather Dubrow has been doing since leaving RHOC is offering more of an insight into her fascinating life story than the beloved Real Housewives franchise ever could. Her hit podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, delves into all aspects of the busy mother’s life.

First and foremost, Heather revealed that, at age 27, she asked a friend’s boyfriend if he knew any Jewish doctors she might be interested in. Who did he hook her up with? None other than current hubby Dr. Terry Dubrow, one half of the lovable duo at the heart of E!’s Botched. “He wasn’t really my type,” she admitted (via Bravo’s The Daily Dish). “[He] didn’t dress well, [and,] you know, needed help as most men do.”

The two actually fell in love over the phone with lengthy conversations, plus seeing the plastic surgeon in his element sealed the deal for the future Mrs. Dubrow. “It was a turn-on. It was sexy as hell,” she gushed. 

They’ve been going strong ever since, though even this enviable couple has had a hiccup every now and then. 

The Dubrows managed to survive the Real Housewives curse

The happy couple was married in 1999, according to The Orange County Register. Before Dr. Dubrow made it big on Botched, they actually featured on RHOC together, and, as Heather Dubrow revealed in an interview with AOL, it nearly broke them. “We were fighting, and then we sat down and were like, ‘Look, this is not good for our marriage, and we either have to figure out how to do this and be good, or we gotta get off,'” she admitted.

Still, they learned a lot from the experience, including how not to take their relationship for granted. Heather Dubrow told Too Fab, “You have to know how to fight. You have to know how to make up. You have to know when to let things go because, sometimes, keeping peace is more important than being right. And you have to have date night! […] You gotta just make it happen because it’s very easy to get disconnected.”

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Heather may write a relationship book together

In fact, it’s her husband’s onscreen partner in crime, Dr. Paul Nassif, who Dubrow has to worry about taking her place these days, as she explained to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, saying, “I call Paul Terry’s wife at work.”

She has nothing to worry about, of course, as the Dubrows are writing partners as well as romantic partners, with Heather telling Too Fab, “Some couples hike and have hobbies; we’re workers! […] Writing books is super fun together, but of course, everyone says, ‘What’s the next book?'”

As the happy couple sees it, they understand relationships better than a lot of other couples and could potentially offer some great advice to those struggling. However, as Dr. Dubrow admitted to AOL, “We feel like there’s a relationship book in us, but we’re afraid that you write a relationship book and — guess what?” with his wife helpfully filling in, “Then you split.” 

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