Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Video Of Son, 9 Mos, & He Looks Exactly Like Her Husband — Comparison Pics

Austin Forsyth has got some strong genes! Joy-Anna Duggar proved it when she posted a pic of their son Gideon. He’s the spitting image of his dad!

Seeing double? Austin Forsyth, 25, and his nine-month-old Gideon look just like each other, which is why Counting On fans are freaking out over the video Joy-Anna Duggar, 21, shared of her son on Dec. 20. In the close-up footage, the new mom and her son were both smiling wide for the camera — and even though he wasn’t in the video, Austin’s name appeared all over the comments section. “He is his dad’s double. Too cute,” one follower wrote, while another added, “The exact spitting image of his dad.” And no one’s arguing! Since welcoming Gideon in February, he has really been taking after Austin.

This isn’t the first time that fans of the reality stars have noticed the similarities between the father/son pair. In fact, back in August, Joy-Anna posted one of Austin’s baby pics along with one of Gideon. “Lots of y’all have been asking for baby pics of Austin,” she captioned the comparison pics. “I’d say they look alike! #lovemymen.” No doubt about that! Austin was wearing a white onesie with blue socks in the throwback pic, a serious expression on his face, and his son looked exactly the same in a blue “Grandma Rocks My World” tee and jeans. Whoa!

While many said the two looked like twins, some agreed that Joy-Anna did give Gideon his eyes, and it’s possible he’ll take after his momma more as he grows up. For now, though, he’s the spitting image of Austin!

The Counting On couple has never posted a father/son pic to their joint Instagram account, although they’ve shared multiple shots of Joy-Anna and Gideon together, so hopefully that’s coming up soon!

While rumors were flying about Joy-Anna’s possible second pregnancy a few months, that has died down ever since she posted a super slim shot and opened up about her post-baby body. Almost ten months after welcoming her little guy, the new mom is already back to her pre-pregnancy weight and still shedding pounds.

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