Keke Palmer Reveals ‘Maury’ Taught Her About Oral Sex

AceShowbizKeke Palmer stopped by “Busy Tonight” on Thursday, December 20 in Los Angeles. The actress/singer talked about and host Busy Philips talked TV influences on their lives.

While the host named “The Oprah Winfrey Show” as the show that gave a huge impact on her life, Keke said that for her, it was “Maury“. “I don’t think we have anybody on TV like Oprah [Winfrey]. I mean Oprah was so… she’s Oprah. I definitely grew up watching Jerry Springer and ‘Maury’.”

“He taught me what oral sex was,” she continued.

“I will never forget the time I was watching ‘Maury’,” the “Scream Queens” star added. “I shouldn’t have been watching ‘Maury’, right? But I grew up in a very small mid-western area, so it’s like you just watched those shows.”

According to her, her mom freaked out when she learned her daughter was watching “Maury”. “So you know what she did? She said, ‘Do you know what oral sex is?’ And I’m like, ‘No,’ ” Keke recounted. “She says, ‘I want you to look up in the dictionary what oral is and what sex is.’ And then I was horrified and I knew I shouldn’t have been watching ‘Maury’.”

Keke recently played Wednesday, a struggling female pimp, in “Pimp“. The actress revealed that it was tough for her to get herself away from her character after filming. “When you really invest yourself, it becomes difficult once the filming is over to kind of shake,” she shared. “Wednesday is like.. whoo! she had a hell of a life love. That’s not a life you want to take on.”

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