Lady Gaga Says "Just Kidding" About Calling Katy Perry Mean

Well, it looks like Taylor Swift‘s invitation writing hand is sore today after furiously crossing Lady Gaga‘s name off the guest list to her annual Fourth of July / Katy Perry is a Big Fatty Meanie Party. After old texts between Kesha and Gaga were released as part of the Dr. Luke  investigation shit show, Gaga is taking back what she said about Katy.

To offer a refresher, documents in Kesha’s case against Dr. Luke were recently unsealed which highlighted a text exchange between Kesha and Gaga where the two singers shared how they both agreed that Katy was “mean“. Now Gaga insists she’s had a change of heart and she and Katy are totally cool, doing a little rapid damage control in the form of a love note to Katy on Twitter.

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