Lukas Graham Frontman Reflects On How Fatherhood Changed Him & Inspired The New Album ‘3’

Lukas Graham took over the US airwaves with their hit ‘7 Years.’ Now, the lead singer, Lukas Forchhammer, reveals the greatest inspiration of the third album & his life.

‘Love Someone,’ ‘Not A Damn Thing Changed’ and so many more songs on Lukas Graham‘s newest album, 3 (The Purple Album) are a sonically similar vibe to their popular hits from their last album, but the inspiration is vastly different. The Danish group’s sophomore album, Lukas Graham, soared to the top of the charts in the US through 2016, with the hits ‘Mama Said’ and ‘7 Years,’ going on to earn the group three Grammy nominations. The catchy jams were also lyrically gripping, with many of the songs inspired by the death of frontman Lukas Forchhammer‘s father. Now, with 3, the group has tapped into a a happier event, the birth of Lukas’s first daughter, Viola.

“I got a kid, and I wrote 10,000 love songs,” Lukas revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “This time around in my life, there’s just so much more to lose.” He continued, Fatherhood, fatherhood. It’s not so much that it changed me as an artist, but really as a man. I never want to be away from my kid too long. I don’t wanna come home after long weeks working and not be present and not have the energy to take care of her, and be funny, and read books. How can I be a good father if I’m not there? 

Lukas added that after having a girl, he felt “the world is so unfair to women.” “I come from Denmark, and growing up with strong women — the feminist agenda was something that we grew up with. After a while, you realize she’s a strong girl, and she’s going to make it in this world, no matter what, and I’m just going to make sure she has the right tools. I can just encourage other people to be a little more fair in terms of gender.” Be sure to grab a copy of Lukas Graham’s 3, out now!

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