Meghan Markle: FORCING the Royal Family to Deny Diva Rumors?

Reports in various tabloids have Meghan Markle feuding with Prince William, Duchess Kate, and the Queen herself.

Kensington Palace has been shooting down these rumors left and right.

But a new report says that it’s been at Meghan’s insistence, and that she wants to bring in a Hollywood publicist.

RadarOnline reports that Meghan is so tired of being portrayed as a demanding beast in the media that she wants to do damage control.

“Meghan wants to hire a Hollywood publicist,” an insider claims.

“She’s losing trust in her advisors,” the source says.

The insider continues: and feels they are hanging her out to dry.”


Further breaks with tradition may not go over well — or have the effect that she reportedly wants.

The rumors about Meghan Markle’s diva demands are constant.

Some claim that she’s driving dedicated staffers to quit their jobs.

Then there’s a recent story in which she allegedly made Kate Middleton break down into tears.

She’s also said to have snapped at the other family’s staffers.

But Kensington Palace, which rarely addresses these tabloid rumors unprompted, did address these incidents.

“This never happened,” the Palace reported.

According to the inside source that spoke to RadarOnline, however, the palace’s denial is just further evidence of Meghan’s obsession with publicity.

“Meghan demanded that the palace comment and defend her,” the insider claims.

“They don’t usually respond,” the source notes.

The insider continues: “but she was freaking out, saying if they don’t respond she will.”

So she’s allegedly using threats to handle things herself to change how the entire royal household operates.

We’re also meant to believe that she is frustrated that Prince Harry won’t go on television to shoot down these rumors.

“Harry is lovestruck,” the insider affirms.

“But,” the source claims. “You can tell even he is getting exasperated.

The insider says that Harry is on his last nerve “with the way she’s steamrolled over his life.”

One would think that, if he didn’t like her impact on his life, he would not have married her.

It’s alarming to hear of someone trodding all over their spouse’s family and turning an organization on its head.

But is it true?

We have to remember that there is no confirmation that any of this has taken place.

In fact, nothing that we know for sure about Meghan makes this seem likely at all.

All of this does sound like the behavior that we might expect from some people, however.

Meghan’s evil half-sister Samantha Grant and her blundering father, Thomas Markle, sound like the sorts of people who would freak out about every tabloid story.

We suspect that Kensington Palace and Meghan Markle are both of one mind about the rumors that come up about her.

They’re ridiculous, but they don’t warrant anything more than a simple official denial, if that.


Because of course some people dislike Meghan.

Maybe they feel that Harry’s wife should be British, or white.

Others may not-so-secretly resent her because they themselves had harbored a crush on Prince Harry.

So there are people who are eager to believe anything negative about her.

And then there are people who are just plain bored, and want to hear something interesting about the Royal Family.

Those folks should just strap in and wait for Meghan’s due date.

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