Nicky Clarke: Hairdresser, 60, reveals secret health ordeal as he’s set to be a dad again

Nicky Clarke, 60, has announced he is expecting his second child with his partner Kelly Simpkin, 37.

The exciting news came in the middle of Nicky finding out he had microscopic cancer cells.

The hairdresser has had a recurring goitre, an enlargement of the thyroid gland, for the past few years.

He said he would get it drained but it would come back again straight away and after a check up earlier this year, it was discovered his gland was pressing on his windpipe.

After undergoing tests, the cancer cells were found and Nicky had to have both sides of his thyroid out.

Discussing the treatment to OK! Magazine, the star spilled: “Because the cancer was very slow growing, they said they could treat it without the usual radiotherapy.

“What they do is remove all of the thyroid then give you this iodine treatment and if all the cancer cells have gone anywhere else in the body, they would show up.”

He went on: “Doctors had to wait for it to settle in on one half of the thyroid gland, they then go in and do the other half.”

Amongst his cancer battle, Nicky revealed he suffered an awful injury after falling off his scooter.

The hair stylist broke both of his hands in a terrible accident, which occurred due to wet weather.

“I came off my Vespa and broke both my hands, which was clever of me,” he spilled.

“It was wet and I came off my bike and used my hands to stop my fall.”

Nicky and Kelly’s second child together is due in November.

Kelly said she is most likely going to have to have a Caesarean section again as she suffers from autoimmune disease lupus.

The couple have been together for 11 years after meeting when Kelly was a hairdresser in Nicky’s salon.

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