Paola Mayfield Shows Off Bare Baby Bump In Bra & Thong In New Mirror Selfie — See Pic

Paola’s at it again! The ’90 Day Fiance’ star showed her budding belly off on social media with a revealing new mirror selfie. Take a look!

Paola Mayfield, 31, is bumping along! The 90 Day Fiance star has been sharing progress pics throughout her entire pregnancy, and her baby bump looks huge in her latest selfie. “I haven’t changed much since last time I checked but baby is growing healthy and strong like mami,” she wrote. Standing in front of a bathroom mirror, Paola had her hand at the top of her belly and was turned to the side to really show it off. In a white bra and pink thong, the reality star was leaving little of her budding belly to the imagination! Considering her abs could be seen for much of her pregnancy, finally seeing Paola with a baby bump of this size is so exciting.

This isn’t the first time that she has posed in a thong since announcing that she and her husband Russ Mayfield, 31, were expecting. One of the first sexy shots of her pregnancy curves was taken in front of a mirror in a crocheted white bra top and a red thong when her bump was barely showing. While she was solo in the first pic, her S.O. joined her in the second, standing behind her and planting a kiss on her neck so her tummy was front and center. Since then, she’s been photographed in a bathtub wearing nothing but rose petals, on her porch in a skintight dress and in bed wearing an unbuttoned top. She sure loves showing her baby-to-be off — and we aren’t complaining!

Paola also shares lots of workout videos because pregnancy hasn’t stopped her from hitting the gym. Hence the “healthy and strong like mami” caption on her Dec. 6 pic.

Here’s to hoping Paola will be just as generous with pics of her newborn as she is with pics of her baby body. She and Russ are bound to have an adorable little one. We can’t wait!

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