Ray Rice Offers to Help Kareem Hunt, 'He Has a Long Life to Live'

Ray Rice says Kareem Hunt‘s attack on a woman shouldn’t be the moment that defines his life — and now the ex-NFL running is offering to work with Hunt as he works through his issues. 

Rice spoke with NFL.com and acknowledged the “obvious” similarities between Hunt’s incident and Ray’s 2014 elevator attack … and feels he’s in a position to teach Hunt how to learn from this situation and better himself. 

“Peer-to-peer, I would definitely try to help him figure out, ‘How can we start dealing with the underlying problems in your life?'” Rice said.

“Because he has a long life to live, this will be a defining moment, but it shouldn’t be the moment that defines you. For me, I just see you have a long life to live and that doesn’t mean just playing football — you need to just live one day at a time.”

Rice was asked if he could’ve given a message to Hunt BEFORE the hotel attack, what would have said to the running back. 

“First, I would look at the situation and say, ‘How did I even get in that moment?’ Because whatever what was done in that moment, something transpired before it even got there.”

“And honestly, while I don’t know if alcohol or any substances were involved, I know those things can often play a role. I am not blaming anyone who was with him, but I wish someone that was with him, if he’s not in his right mind … would’ve said to him, ‘Look at the situation. Is it worth risking it all for a split-second decision — for something you know you can get out of?'”

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