Shauna Sexton Goes Completely Nude & Lays On The Floor On Instagram

Shauna Sexton left little to the imagination in her latest Instagram post, where she posed completely nude while laying on top of a cowhide rug. She captioned it “Tuesday mood.. this but on a grand piano in my foyer.. surrounded by 6 men I pay absolutely no attention to.. feeding me grapes and fanning my body.. while John Mayer’s ‘Your body is a wonderland’ blasts on my surround sound speakers.” The model placed her arms strategically to censor her curves, while she laid her leg a certain way to keep the photo acceptable for social media. The backdrop included some big couches and a window.

The Playboy Playmate gained tons of publicity this summer when she was spotted with Ben Affleck, triggering rumors that the two were in a relationship. However, their first public appearance was quickly followed by Jennifer Garner driving Affleck to alcohol rehab. While Shauna was seen visiting the actor while he received treatment, and even seen driving his car around town, the fling would be short-lived.

While Shauna was supposedly dating Affleck, she made a drastic life change by leaving her day job as a vet tech in order to focus on her modeling career. It doesn’t seem like Shauna has returned to her old job for the time being, but she’s certainly been enjoying her freedom to go out and party with friends. She’s finally able to drink without the scrutiny she had to deal with while she was associated with Affleck, so that could be a plus among the alleged breakup drama.

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.. a life without them.. is like a life, with no sun.. If ur a bird.. I’m a bird…#scissorsisters #deep

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Sexton’s recent posts show her dressed up for a night out, while many of her Instagram Stories give fans a glimpse into her party life. She’s also shared other risqué photos in the past few weeks, including a snap of her going topless while wearing just a towel.

And around mid-November, Shauna headed to several international destinations amid rumors that she might have a sex tape with Ben. Her break from Los Angeles seemed to have done some good, however, as those rumors have yet to be resurfaced since her return to the States.

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Swipe for fall aesthetic ~

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Meanwhile, Ben Affleck seems to be returning to daily life. He was recently spotted with Garner and their three kids on an outing to grab a Christmas tree, according to People Magazine. Hopefully, the actor is able to stay sober this time around, as he focuses on family rather than on his love interests.

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