The Royal Family Is Doing Duchess Damage Control

Normally, THE QUEEN instructs her minions to maintain a DGAF policy when it comes to royal feuds, but this time it seems like HBIC is pissed holiday attention that normally goes to what she might say in her annual Christmas address is now all about how Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate would wear something from Duchess Camilla’s closet than spend time with each other. This year, she’s making everyone play nice and spend holidays under the same roof. Everyone will have a happy holidays or else, dammit!

Vanity Fair starts us off with a report saying Meghan is convinced the British press is out to get her, so she maintains a strict policy of sticking her fingers in her ears and squealing, “I know you are, but what am I?” Meghan is said to not read any negative stories about herself, especially the recent ones about her tiff with Kate.

“Meghan is a believer in karma and she doesn’t want to sit there reading negative online stories and comments about herself.She feels to a degree the British press is out to get her and while she’s aware of the news and what’s going on, she tries her best not to read all the stories about her.”

I guess that means Meghan is sitting around believing/hoping an anvil drops on whoever is reading/writing a negative story. Sucks for us, I guess! The royals did finally come out and basically poo-pooh one of the stories floating around. There were reports that Meghan was a total case of True Life: I’m a Bridezilla and was nasty to Kate and her staff. People says a Kensington Palace spokesperson simply said, “This never happened.” That being said…they didn’t confirm or deny any of the other reports like how Kate cried over how Meghan behaved at a fitting for Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress!

Who better to further douse the rumor fire than Kate herself? People also says Kate was mingling with the peasants over the weekend and was caught on film saying how happy she is that Meghan is pregnant. She didn’t say “good riddance, bitch” over the news that PHG and Meghan are moving out of Kensington and to their own place in Windsor away from Kate and Prince William. People does say that William and Kate are, however, officially a “yes” to Christmas at THE QUEEN’s, which hopefully is the title of an upcoming Hallmark movie. This comes after most people thought those two were taking the holiday at Kate’s parents since they normally alternate years. Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton, likely has egg on her face after just giving an interview talking about how she’s preparing the house for the grandkids. Somehow, I have a feeling this is just fine with the grandkids since Christmas at Sandringham Castle usually involves small island nations as stocking stuffers.


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