‘The Voice’: Adam Levine Slammed For Supporting 1 Of His Artists Over The Other During Instant Save

Adam Levine found himself with TWO singers in the bottom 3 on the Dec. 4 episode of ‘The Voice,’ and fans were not happy when he advocated for one MUCH more than the other.

During the Dec. 4 episode of The Voice, coach Adam Levine found himself in a super tough position. Both his remaining artists, Reagan Strange and DeAndre Nico, were in the bottom three, along with Blake Shelton’s team member, Dave Fenley. All three artists had one more chance to sing for America’s votes, and whoever got the most Twitter votes would make it through to the Semifinals. Unfortunately, Reagan was too sick to perform during the Instant Save, and had to watch from the audience, hoping her fans would vote her through, regardless.

Dave sang a rendition of “Amazed,” while DeAndre performed “All Of Me,” and when Adam had his chance to speak, he did something quite shocking. While he did praise DeAndre for giving a great performance, he used up most of his time to urge viewers to vote for Reagan. Adam explained that since he has two daughters at home, he simply couldn’t fathom the idea of not letting the young female singer have a fair shot in the competition, and he begged voters to give her another chance to come back and prove herself next week.

It was clear from his speech that he felt terrible about what his words meant for DeAndre — after all, he was basically choosing Reagan over him. In the end, it came down to an EXTREMELY close vote between DeAndre and Reagan, but Reagan came out on top and earned her spot in the Semifinals. Afterward, Twitter had a lot to say about Adam’s decision to advocate for one artist over the other.

“That was a s***y thing to do,” one person wrote, while another added, “That was a d*** move you pulled and totally not fair.” Someone else wrote, “You shouldn’t have taken the spotlight off DeAndre Nico. Tsk Tsk bad coach.”

A lot of people brought the rules into question, and said it was not fair for someone who didn’t sing to have the chance to be saved. Before the results were read, fellow coach Kelly Clarkson made sure to take a minute and go out of her way to praise DeAndre, although she also pointed out that she knew what a tough position Adam was in. Meanwhile, Adam also made sure to let DeAndre know that, even if he didn’t win the Instant Save, it didn’t mean his career was over.

“As great as it is and as wonderful and amazing as it is to win The Voice, it doesn’t necessarily mean much if you don’t continue to go for this after the fact,” Adam explained. “Voice or no, take upon those fans [you’ve made] and make a career for yourself, regardless of the outcome right now.”

At the end of the day, Reagan got in fair and square, and of course, no attention should be taken away from her obvious talent! Next week, she’ll have a chance to prove herself against fellow Semifinalists Kymberli Joye, MaKenzie Thomas, Kirk Jay, Chevel Shepherd, Chris Kroeze, Sarah Grace and Kennedy Holmes.

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