This Tweet About Herman Cain’s Death from COVID-19 Has Gone Viral After Trump Said He’s Feeling Better

A tweet about Herman Cain‘s coronavirus timeline is going viral after Donald Trump‘s return to the White House amid his own battle with the virus.

The President of the United States says that he is “feeling really good” and that he even feels “better” than he did 20 years ago. Experts have said that he’s currently on various medications that are making him feel great, even though the virus is likely still very active inside his body.

Bloomberg Opinion columnist Tim O’Brien pointed out how former presidential candidate Herman Cain attended a Trump rally on June 24. A week later, he tested positive for COVID-19 on July 2.

On July 10, Cain said that he was improving. On July 15, he said that his doctors seemed happy with his progress. On July 27, he said he’s really getting better. On July 30, he died.

Trump of course is getting the best medical care in the world right now, which most people will not receive if they contract the virus. Make sure to wear a mask!

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