Wait, Did Kim Kardashian Really Boo Tristan Thompson During An NBA Game?!

Would Kim Kardashian West ever be caught dead booing a professional athlete during a game? If the athlete in question is Tristan Thompson… well, yeah, maybe!

That’s the big controversy of the day here on Tuesday, the morning after Tristan’s Cleveland Cavaliers dropped by the Staples Center in downtown El Lay to play the Los Angeles Lakers. And with Kim in attendance while out on a date at the game with hubby Kanye West, well, let’s just say there was a lot of focus on what was going down court-side!

So, let’s go back to where it all started — because at first, we were just as confused as y’all probably are! LOLz!

At one point during the game, while Tristan was shooting free throws, a fan in the stands zoomed in with a video clip that appeared to show Kim standing up in the crowd. As you can see (below), the clip is pretty short and very rough, so it’s pretty tough to tell exactly what Kim was trying to accomplish while standing up there, but plenty of people thought (assumed?) she was doing it to boo Tristan:

Of course, the ALL CAPS MESSAGE in the tweet probably helped fan the flames on the boo conspiracy, in the first place! Ha!!!

“LMFAO LEGEND,” one Twitter user wrote in response to seeing the clip, while another added “bruh Im dead.”

Still others were a little more skeptical about things, at least, with one asking the simple question, “How do we know that’s her,” while one other responder added “Bahaha no she didn’t!??? lol.”

Ahhh, a country divided…

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t appear Kim had any outward animosity to Tristan during the game, at least. In fact, at one point, she shared a pic of the powerful pro athlete on her Instagram Stories on Monday night, as you can see (below):

Nothing special along with it — no messages or anything like that, as you can see. But it’s pretty clear she at least knew he was going to be there playing against her hometown Lakers.

Still, though… booing? Is that even a thing Kim would be caught dead doing in public?!

We feel like that’s something Khloé Kardashian would do 1000% for sure, and probably Kendall Jenner as well. Kourtney Kardashian might even take up some insidious little heckling, or something! LOLz!

But Kimmy?! KKW is the quiet, classy one. Count us OUT on her booing. Just saying!!!

What do U think, though, Perezcious readers?! Was Kim calling out Tristan while he was trying to shoot free throws?? Or just standing up, for whatever reason?? Sound OFF with your take on the whole thing in the comments (below)!!!

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