Wendy Williams Questions Kate Gosselin’s Priorities After Losing Custody Battle

Wendy Williams weighed in on Jon Gosselin’s big custody win over Kate on December 6! He was awarded temporary custody of their son, Collin, and Wendy thinks Kate didn’t do enough to ‘save’ her son.

Wendy Williams, 54, is happy for Jon Gosselin, 41, after the father of eight was awarded temporary sole legal and physical custody of his and Kate Gosselin‘s, 14-year-old son, Collin Gosselin, on Tuesday, December 4. And, she had some choice words for Kate, 43, who she believes doesn’t have her priorities straight when it comes to her kids. “Kate, now she’s got this dating show that comes out next year on TLC, who cares! You have time to date but you don’t have time to save your son?”, Wendy went off during her show on December 6.

“I mean, even if you can’t handle him full time because maybe he’s too much, you could have shown up and got joint custody or something,” Wendy suggested. “To not do anything? The ID channel is waiting for you.” The talk show host then congratulated Jon, despite being disgusted by his ex’s lack of action.

Jon was awarded temporary custody of Collin after he appeared in a Pennsylvania courtroom for a hearing about the custody decision. Back in October, he filed for full legal and physical custody of Collin. “He did everything and anything to get his son, I know that,” Jon’s hairdresser and close friend, Eric Rodriguez, shared with Hollywoodlife.com  EXCLUSIVELY. “He’s just a great dad. His son is so attached to him. I cut his hair a couple of days ago, and he seems super happy that the kid is at his house right now.” Jon has already been awarded custody of their daughter Hannah.

Jon was confident he would win custody of Collin, who has been at an out-of-state educational program since 2016. “Jon has been visiting Collin consistently at his live-in school. He’s been incredibly dedicated to his son,” a separate source previously shared. “His efforts have paid off because when Collin was home for his weekend visit there was clearly a very strong bond between father and son. Jon, Collin and Hannah make a great little family unit.”

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