Will There Be A ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Movie? Dan Levy Weighed In On The Idea

Schitt’s Creek made history at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards. The CBC series, which aired in America on Pop TV, was little noticed when it began in 2015. But when the show started streaming, it received the coveted "Netflix Bump." By the time the sixth and final season arrived, the Emmys were ready, awarding it a full sweep, winning every Comedy category, a first in the award show’s history. With the series over at the height of its popularity, fans are curious, will there be a Schitt’s Creek movie? Not so fast, says writer Dan Levy.

Schitt’s Creek is the story of video store magnate Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) and his former soap opera star wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), who fall on hard times when their manager defrauds them. Now they and their two spoiled children, David and Alexis (Dan Levy and Annie Murphy), must rebuild their lives in the only thing they have left: A tiny town called Schitt’s Creek, which Johnny bought offhandedly as a joke.

Despite the "nasty rich people must struggle as poor people" aspect, Schitt’s Creek is not a mean spirited show. Like all projects that Levy and O’Hara have partnered on, it’s an oddly feel-good comedy. Dan Levy (Eugene’s son) is not only a co-star but the main creative force behind it along with his father, making this a family labor of love.

But with the show now over, fans are curious if there could be more Schitt’s Creek in the form of a movie. It wouldn’t be the first, Downton Abbey recently followed the "Six Seasons and a Movie" tradition to box office success. Both Breaking Bad and Deadwood also released films in 2019. But Dan Levy isn’t so sure about it.

Speaking to TVLine, Levy said the series finale ended things on the right note. The only reason to revisit the family is if there was a story worth telling, and he hopes to someday think of one.

So fans aren’t entirely without hope of a follow-up film. But it seems like Levy isn’t ready to come up with one yet. Perhaps in a few years, the Rose family will be prepared to return to the screen.

Schitt’s Creek’s final season is expected to arrive on Netflix in October of 2020.

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