26 Fashion Influencers Who Promote Body Positivity, Diversity, and Really Good Outfits

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To prepare for 2020, we encourage you to sift through your Instagram and make sure you’re following the right crew of fashion bloggers, models, and influencers. After all, you don’t just gather outfit ideas when you scroll by their pics, you also take their captions into account. So, you’ve got to check yourself and make sure you’re feeling the vibe they’re sending out to the world — you know what we’re sayin’? On that note, we created a list of incredible women who are positive first, stylish second — because that’s the kind of all-around inspiration we’re here for.

The gals below run the gamut from models and influencers to content creators, travel writers, and activists, but they all share a love for clothes while also championing diversity. Whether that means they consistently remind their followers to love their curves or they just rally behind their own unique taste they’ve defined (which isn’t necessarily based on trends), you’ll definitely learn something from these ladies. Scroll down to find out who they are, what they do, and the outfits they love. We have a feeling you’ll need to make room for them all in your follow list, and we totally don’t blame you.

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