A £2 pot of Vaseline can make your perfume last longer, according to beauty experts

Make-up artists swear by Vaseline as their cheap wonder product, with Jennifer Lopez using it as a make-up remover – and Beyonce's glam squad coating her lashes with it.

1. Spray away

Applying Vaseline to your pulse points before spraying perfume helps create a sticky base – which will make the scent last all day, an expert told Marie Claire.

Apply to your wrists, neck, inner elbows, behind your knees and on your ankles for the best result.

2. Brow down

Unruly eyebrows creating havoc?

Dab a tiny bit of Vaseline on your brows, then comb through, to tame them – a top tip by New Idea.

3. Living the high life

If you want to give your highlighter a boost, try dabbing some Vaseline on the highest point of your cheekbones.

This will give your cheeks a natural glimmer when they catch the light.

But go easy on the application, you don't want to look greasy.

4. Eye say!

If you want to give your lashes a break from mascara, a pot of Vaseline could be just the ticket.

According to Stylecaster, Petroleum jelly does't just leave your lashes conditioned, it's also rumoured to help them grow.

You can also use the product to transform your eyeshadow.

Prime your eyelids with Vaseline before applying matte shadows to give it a glossy sheen.

5. Tan-tastic

Dab Vaseline on your wrists, ankles, elbows and knees before applying fake tan, to prevent tell-tale orange blotches.

These areas stop the formula from clinging to your joints. Winning!

6. Thank you and good night

Stubborn eye make-up giving you a headache before bed?

Combine Vaseline with your normal make-up remover to help it lift away.

Sleeping with mascara on overnight can make your lashes fall out, so this one is a game changer if you struggle to remove it.

In more beauty news, your fake tan could be giving you diarrhoea and other tummy troubles, an expert has revealed.

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