Future bride's wedding gown is tormented as it’s totally see-through – with people warning her nipples are on show

MANY brides spend an eternity looking for the perfect dress to say 'I do', in hope she looks perfect on her big day.

But one wedding dress has caused quite a stir online as the see-through sheer design completely shows the bride's nipples.

The dress, which is described as a "simple elegant lace floral boho wedding gown,has left some people conflicted after it was shared on Facebook, according to 9 Honey.

Many admitted they thought the gown was "stunning", but voiced their concerns over the extreme leave of "sheerness" causing the bodice to be see-through.

"Am I…am I seeing the bride's nipples?!" said one, prompting others to take a closer look.

"Ok the pockets are sheer but so is the breast area," said another, pointing out the fact you can see "full nipple."

It is gorgeous, I'd be worried my fam would see my goodies though.

One admitted: "It is gorgeous, I'd be worried my fam would see my goodies though."

While another simply said: "The sheerness is just too much."

One woman wasn't worried about it showing your boobs, though, and said: "I'm praising everything about this I'm not even sorry, this is my dream dress".

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