Innocent mum gets rinsed for accidentally setting up a ‘masturbation station’ for her son

A PROUD mum has been mocked for sharing photos of a “relaxation station” she created for her teenage son's room, which included tissues, hand cream and a TV remote.

The anonymous Australian mum posted photos online of the decadent shelf – but was quickly told by internet users that the tissues wouldn’t be used for a “runny nose”.

The mum wrote alongside the photos on Facebook: “I love this hack! I just bought a Kmart soap dispenser and bathroom tray to use as my son's relaxation station.

“He likes to watch internet TV in bed and he has a chronic runny nose (tissues for days – I think it's the air con!), and he had problems with dry skin and goes through heaps of hand cream, so I put some Sorbolene moisturiser in a marble soap dispenser.”

To make matters worse, she added: “Hopefully this will last longer.”

The well-meaning mum continued: “Now he has everything he uses all in one spot. He's also got his speaker and a lamp and a phone charger there.

“I just need to find a cute tissue box holder!”

Despite her kind thought behind the “station”, people were quick to point out the obvious – the cream might not be used to moisten his hands.

One person wrote: “What an amazing idea to disguise the masturbation station.”

Another added: “Oh goodness, that aint snot in the tissue babe.”

However, one mum thought it was a great idea, and wrote: “As a mother of three boys, I feel like I should do this in the near future too.”

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