Japan Has Created LED-Enabled Gaming Masks

To fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many are social distancing by staying home, turning to gaming instead to keep entertained. To make it easier to do both at the same time — and in true gamer style — Japanese company Spec-Computer is now launching its illumi-ON “mouth cover,” an RGB LED-enabled face mask perfect for the Twitch streamers out there.

Coming in both a black or white material, the masks have LEDs woven into the sides, which illuminate and diffuse across the front surface. The LEDs can cycle through seven colors — red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, and white — or can be configured to display various lighting patterns, including a strobe effect. Users can control these settings via a small button installed on the side of the mask which also carries a micro-USB port for charging. While the product does come with a disposable PM 2.5 filter, it’s important to highlight that Spec-Computer says it’s not medical grade and is more of a “mouth cover,” so ideally you’ll want to wear it with extra layers underneath.

If you’re looking for a stylish mask to complement your gaming setup, the Spec-Computer illumi-ON mask will be launching August 21 for roughly $29 USD over on the company’s website as well as Amazon Japan and Yahoo Shopping.

For other gaming-related news, Microsoft will be launching Project xCloud next month for Android devices.
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