Make space in your bathroom as you'll want to show off these refreshing soap stars

We help you feel fabulous this January with a range of products and expert tips.

Treat yourself

Refresh weary limbs with the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar, £8.80.

A cocktail of peppermint, jojoba and lavender oils moisturises, while tea tree thoroughly cleanses and acts as an antiseptic. Plus its creamy lather makes this bar ideal for shaving.

  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar, £8.80 from Look Fantastic — buy now

Face time

Skin less than luminous? Get your glow back with the prebiotics and lactic acid in soap-free Gallinée Cleansing Bar, £10.

A neutral pH of 5.8 eliminates bad bacteria but doesn’t disturb the good guys, so it cleans without drying skin out.

  • Gallinée Cleansing Bar, £10 from Gallinée — buy now

Scrub a dub dub

Get right to the nitty gritty with the sea-salt-packed Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub Bar, £6.

Use it with your loofah to slough away dead skin and put an end to dry, flaky patches.

Rub all over in large circles to improve circulation and boost cell turnover for baby-soft skin, stat.

  • Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub Bar, £6 from Boots — buy now

Mane event

Sulphate-free Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar With Aloe Vera, £17.50, uses castor oil and, yes, aloe vera to lift away dirt and grease.

Glycerin draws moisture to your locks long after you’ve finished rinsing for lasting softness, too. Genius.

  • Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar With Aloe Vera, £17.50 from SpaceNK — buy now


With only one ingredient, Fresh Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar, £38, is a deep cleanser that can also be used as a detoxifying mask.

Naturally high in purifying minerals, the Umbrian clay helps extract toxins from the skin, smoothing imperfections and leaving you flawless.

  • Fresh Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar, £38 from Harrods — buy now

Ask Beauty Editor Lauren

Even if you rarely get spots on your face, “bacne” can still be a problem because the skin on your body is totally different from your face.

However, just like your face, your back is covered in sebaceous glands and hair follicles that release sebum.

When these are combined with dead skin cells and bacteria, it can make for a seriously spotty situation, meaning you banish that backless dress to the very back of your wardrobe.

To keep on top of it and hopefully diminish breakouts for good, try switching to an antimicrobial shower gel, such as Freederm Body Wash, £6.99.

I also find that spritzing on a quick-drying salicylic-acid-packed product – Paula’s Choice Clear Exfoliating 2% BHA Body Spray, £24, is ideal – helps keep pimples under control. Good luck!

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