Matalan’s new hen party range features ‘wifey’ nightwear and ‘bride tribe’ swimsuits priced from £6

IF you’re planning a hen do or even a hen holiday, you want you and your bridesmaids looking fierce.

Matching is obviously the way to go, and Matalan’s new bridal range has got you covered with some catchy slogans.

  • Bride Tribe Slogan Swimsuit, Matalan, £10 – buy now

Brides-to-be can pick from ‘henoritas’, ‘wifey’, ‘team bride’, ‘bride tribe’, ‘bridesmaid’, ‘bride’ and ‘I do crew’ in black, red, pink and white (obviously).

Whether you’re having a cosy night in or lounging poolside, there’s everything from swimsuits to nighties and dressing gowns to choose from.

Prices start at £6 for T-shirts, and go all the way up to £14 for the nightgowns.

There are matching sets as well, so you proudly display your ‘bride’ credentials and have your crew rocking ‘team bride’ in the same style.

  • Wifey Slogan Vest Dress, Matalan, £7 – buy now

Describing the range online, Matalan said: “Calling all brides-to-be and newlyweds… rock the ring and the title!”

They labelled certain pieces “hen party essentials”, and some – particularly the swimsuits – have been flying off the shelves.

  • Team Bride Slogan Gown, Matalan, £14 – buy now

  • Henoritas Bridal T-Shirt, Matalan, £6 – buy now

  • Bridesmaid Slogan Nightie, Matalan, £7 – buy now

  • Bride Slogan Satin Nightshirt, Matalan, £14 – buy now

  • Bride Slogan Vest Dress, Matalan, £7 – buy now

  • I Do Crew Slogan Swimsuit, Matalan, £10 – buy now

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