Mums shares the sheer amount of dirt which came out of her jacuzzi bath when she cleaned it & it’ll put you off for life

A MUM has shared the stomach-churning amount of filth which came out of her jacuzzi bathtub after she deep cleaned it – and it’ll make you never want to bathe in a hotel again. 

The woman revealed she’d recently moved into a new home which had a bathtub with jets, so before using it she decided to clean all the plumbing. 

While she usually scrubbed the tub, she invested in some 'jetted bath cleaner' to get rid of the build-up in the pipes.

She shared the horrifying results to Facebook group Tips To Organize & Declutter Home and Life, showing her tub full of scum. 

She said: Ladies, do you have a Jacuzzi/jetted  tub? We just sold a house with one and are now renting a house with one. 

“You MUST clean these tub pipes to keep them sanitary!

“I ran bleach water through first to KILL everything and am now using Mr. Yuk on the 2nd pass through. Gross!

“No WAY I would use a tub without first sanitizing and cleaning it! (And why I never use a hotel jetted tub).”

Hundreds of people liked her post, as they claimed she’d ruined hotels for them. 

One person commented: “A friend just took her jets all apart and cleaned. Said it was so gross.”

Another wrote: “Ok so you just ruined the whole romantic night away in a hotel with a spa thing.”

A third thought: “Never saw this before.” 

This person posted: “I am always skeeved when someone suggests a certain hotel because they have jetted tubs. I don't even use hot tubs at hotels. No thank you!”

Another said: “I’ve used this. I never use my jets in my tub anymore. Yuck. I wish I could get covers for them and be done with it. But water still gets inside when I take a normal bath.”

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