Neilston man transforms driveway and garden for just £850 after being quoted £10K for job – The Sun

INCREDIBLE pictures have shown how a Neilston man has transformed his driveway and garden for just £850 after being quoted £10K for the job.

Michael Sermanni, 25, and his girlfriend moved into their first home together earlier this year in the East Renfrewshire village.

And he says they had been saving hard to get their driveway done by a professional as a matter of priority.

But with the coronavirus lockdown landing thousands of people across the country on furlough, Michael has had plenty of spare time on his hands.

The sales rep decided he could give the hefty landscaping job a try himself – and his amazing handy work has led to some astonishing results.

These before and after snaps highlight the incredible work that Michael carried out over a two-month period during lockdown.

And while it may look like a professional job, he insists he's had no previous experience of landscaping.

Instead, he took most of his inspiration from YouTube videos as he picked up many hints and tips.

And perhaps best of all, he reckons he and his girlfriend have saved in the region of £10K by tackling the project head on.

Speaking to The Scottish Sun, he said: "I was always planning to get somebody out to do all of the landscaping and pay for it, but with all the time off due to coronavirus I'd be looking up ideas on Google and thought 'I could probably do that myself'.

"I was quoted £5,000 for the driveway itself. One of the guys on the street is a landscape gardener and he came round to have a look.

"He reckons we've saved well over £10,000. I wasn't really sure how much everything was going to cost in total.

"But with all the stones, turf and the patio out the back would've bumped the price way up. I was a bit shocked when I heard what it would've all cost.

"It took me about two-and-a-half months all in. I was working dependant on the weather so some weeks I didn't touch it much at all, but most of the time the sun was out so I was able to crack on.

"From the outset I didn't think I was gonna do what I've managed to, but at the start I really just wanted something to keep me busy during lockdown.

"I didn't know how long lockdown was going to go on for – it was more a case of 'I'll make a wee start in the garden' and it just accelerated from there.

"We bought the house at the start of the year, so the driveway was always going to be a priority.

"We'd be putting money away to get it done, but I just started digging the old front garden up to make the foundations for the driveway.

"Once I'd done that I thought I may as well do the other side of the garden as well, but the drive way certainly the main focus at the start.

"The toughest part was probably digging the ground for the driveway. Thankfully, I managed to get a couple of skips delivered because they were still working. But it was about a week solid of digging.

"You have to dig out so much to fill it with stone and rubble because it's all clay and mud which you need to get rid of.

"It was definitely the most physical part of it all. Technically though, the most difficult part was getting the ground perfectly flat for mono-blocking.

"The blocks have to sit flush together. So that involved watching a lot of YouTube and seeing different techniques people use for doing that."

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