Pandora worker reveals the store’s secrets including how to nab replacement jewellery for FREE

WE'RE nothing short of obsessed with Pandora jewellery – but let's be honest, we're not always the most careful with our rings, bracelets and charms.

Luckily, a Pandora employee has jumped on the TikTok trend of exposing all of the shop's secrets and revealed how you can bag FREE replacements.

American retail worker Hailee Harris shared her insider knowledge with her 109,000 followers.

And needless to say, Hailee's Pandora tips have caused quite a stir online – after she revealed how you can get your jewellery cleaned for free and why you shouldn't store your rings, bracelets and necklaces in a box.

How to nab FREE replacement jewellery

In her first confessional video, Hailee said Pandora advises customers NOT to wear their rose gold or gold-plated jewellery while washing their hands, during showers or to the pool.

She said: "If you come back and it's chipped, it's because you wore in the pool or the shower or while you were washing your hands.

"You really shouldn't do that when you're wearing something that's rose or yellow gold plated from Pandora.

"If you bring it back and say it's chipped, we all KNOW you wore it in the pool.

"But if you act like you didn't know, we'll probably just replace it anyway."

What's more, the employee revealed that the company will replace broken jewellery within a year in the US – but according to Pandora's UK website, their gold, rose and silver products have a two year warranty.

"Sometimes stones fall out. It just happens with wear and sometimes it's the way they're set," Hailee said. "They're not set properly and they just fall out. But you have a one year warranty on everything so you can bring it back."

However, she added: "If you lose your ring, you can't get a new one for free. Pandora does not cover irresponsibility!"

How to get free jewellery cleaning

Even though we wear our Pandora rings day-in, day-out, we definitely don't clean them enough at home.

Well if your princess rings are looking a little worse for wear, Hailee recommended taking them into your local store for a complimentary cleaning.

She claimed: "Pandora will clean anything purchased from Pandora – anything at all.

"You don't have to show proof of purchase because we can tell if it's from the store or not."

But if you can't be bothered to take your jewellery in, Hailee revealed how you can give them a little spruce up at home.

The Pandora employee recommends soaking your jewellery in some warm soapy water for 20 minutes.

After this, she cleaned them with a new toothbrush and finished off by drying them with a polishing cloth.

Why you shouldn't keep your jewellery in a box

That said, you won't have to clean your jewellery as regularly if you store it properly.

And according to Hailee, jewellery boxes are a big no-no.

She explained: "Your rings and bracelets and necklaces tarnish when you don't wear them as often or when you leave them in a confined space.

"I find leaving my jewellery on my dresser in a dish means they don't get tarnished at all versus keeping it closed in a box where oxygen gets to it which causes it to oxidise and turn black or green."

Why you 'don't need' a safety chain

Considering how Pandora bracelets can cost a small fortune, it makes sense that the store recommends one of their £35 safety chains to prevent charms falling off.

But Hailee claims they're unnecessary – and that clips are worth the money.

She said: "They're gonna tell you need clips or you need a safety chain for your bracelet. You don't need a safety chain."

"However, I do highly recommend clips if you have a bangle or a leather bracelet because it'll stop the charms from sliding around and stay tight together.

 Fabulous Digital has contacted Pandora UK for comment.

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