Patrick Starrr: What’s in My Bag?

Patrick Starrr is a walking beauty department — he is never without his favorite products, whether he’s traveling or just heading down the street. That’s why we asked to peek into his everyday bag to see what he has stashed inside. And among his makeup, fragrance and skin finds, we found some really amazing — and enlightening — goodies.

One thing you might find in there? Faux hair! When he’s running to catch a flight, the YouTube makeup guru tells Stylish he has an “airport wig” in his bag, but many times he puts on a turban instead. “Recently I traveled to John F. Kennedy Airport and it was so hot, I just did a wig switcheroo in the bathroom,” jokes the founder of beauty influencer agency, The Beauty Coop. (In case you missed it, two of Starrr’s first clients, Zachary Vang and Cohl’s World, released four lip shades with Buxom to celebrate PRIDE last month.)

His turbans definitely don’t disappoint either. “Elea’s Closet has anything and everything,” he says. “Believe it or not, I’ve been super-gluing some earrings onto my turban. It is the most hilarious thing.”

Beauty essentials, however, aren’t the only thing the 29-year-old carries in his white Aladdin-themed carryall. There are snacks in there, too. “I love cookies, they’re always in my bag,” he notes, joking, “I’m like a grandma.” His favorite? “Anything sweet! I like chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia and sometimes oatmeal — depends on the brand!”

Tech also takes up some of his prime bag real estate. Starrr always has an iPad on him since it’s where he designs all of his outrageous looks. “I like to sketch out my outfits for red carpets on my Adobe app,” he reveals. “I’ll literally screenshot a picture of me, and I’ll layer and draw on top of my body an outfit that I like, and then make it on my own.”

But, of course, there are beauty products galore in there as well. From the lipstick he loves to his favorite scent to the lip mask that keeps him feeling great on the run, check out the beauty products below that Starrr won’t leave home without!

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