Sesame Street Stars Get a High-Fashion Makeover in Honor of the Show's 50th Anniversary: See Their Haute Looks

The famed Muppet character is dressed in one of the brand’s classic tracksuits. Designer Humberto Leon told InStyle how much he has always loved the show.

Sesame Street has always been ahead of the curve,” he said. “My first memory was watching Buffy Sainte-Marie teaching Big Bird about breastfeeding. The show has an ethos that mirrors our thoughts on honesty and transparency.”

Everyone’s favorite monster appeared in a shiny, metallic azure jacket by the designer for his big style moment.

The pink Muppet character had the honor of wearing a plaid blue and gray dress with dramatic ruffles, which came straight off of Jacobs’ Spring 2019 runway. 

The beloved bird got a “hippie caftan” by Anna Sui that represents the same qualities Big Bird pormotes. Like the character “the look was breezy, optimistic, romantic, nonconformist,” Sui told InStyle 

For Mizrahi, getting to design varsity sweatshirts for the best friends meant a lot to him.

“Truly my favorite memory of Sesame fashion. I adore how, like the characters’ relationship, the sweaters complement each other so well. Although I gave them a slightly more modern look, I kept the distinguishing features — Bert’s white turtleneck and Ernie’s yellow cuffs,” he told InStyle.

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