Sex expert tells couples to have nookie BEFORE going on their Valentine's Day date

Podcaster Dan Savage revealed his top tips for lovers facing V Day performance anxiety in an interview with GQ – here we take a closer look at his advice.

Have sex before dinner

He advises couples to have sex BEFORE going out on a Valentine's Day date.

Dan said he was overwhelmed with letters on February 15 from people heartbroken because their partner didn't sleep with them.

He told the magazine: "People asked me if their relationship was doomed, or if their partner wasn't attracted to them anymore.

"Because they got flowers, they got chocolate, they got taken out to dinner, but they didn't get f****d.

"I would look at that trajectory: flowers (who gives a s***), chocolate (I love chocolate), a big heavy romantic meal with wine and creme brulee…who wants to f*** after that?"

Dan advises to nookie up before you head out for that slap up meal.

He adds: "Not only will the sex be out-of-the-way, but it's easier to get a reservation at 9 or 10 o'clock and then when you go home you won't be going home to performance anxiety or disappointment if nothing happens."

He said a lack of action after a big meal probably means your partner is "full and exhausted – and drunk."

What should I do if I hate Valentine's Day?

Dan admits he, and his husband Terry, are not Valentine's Day fans themselves.

But he does have great tips for guys worried about impressing.

He said: "Never escalate.

"Because if you set yourself up to outdo what you did last year, you put yourself on a path of an arms race.

"Find something that works, a certain kind flower that she loves, or a kind of expensive chocolate that does whatever chocolate does to women."

Get kinky – and involve a stranger

Dan also says it's a sexy move to let your partner dirty dance with a stranger on your night out.

He said: "There's nothing sexier than seeing your partner through somebody else's eyes.

"Go out dancing with other people, together. The moment your see your partner desired by another person in a moment that reawakens your own desire."


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