‘Skanky’ bride horrifies people by wearing a see-through dress so sheer you can see her suspenders

A WEDDING dress is a one-of-kind outfit and it’s a woman’s chance to go all out with trains, frills, giant skirts, lace and extravagant details. 

But one bride opted for a ‘less is more’ approach, as she walked down the aisle in a sheer frock. 

Her see-through dress left nothing to the imagination as she flaunted her suspenders through the material. 

A snap of her revealing gown ended up on Reddit, where hundreds of people were in disbelief over her outfit choice. 

People reckoned her dress was more like lingerie, as they branded the look ‘tacky’. 

The person who shared the snap wrote: “I mean she looks great but NO FOR A WEDDING DRESS. S.K.A.N.K.Y.”

While someone else agreed, saying: “She has every right to wear what she likes.

“I have every right to think what she's wearing is incredibly tacky.”

A third commented: “Looks like there was a confusion in wardrobe.

“That looks like the wedding night lingerie package.”

This person wrote: “Listen I love a good scandalous dress but this is straight up lingerie.”

Someone else posted: “I think she got her wedding dress and her wedding night lingerie mixed up.” 

While another added: “Yeah if she had white underwear like bottoms underneath I don't think it would be bad but the thong and garter thing is kinda gross for the whole day.”

Multiple people did praise her confidence, with someone pointing out: "I admire her confidence and dream to have only a fraction of it."

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