Who are Meghan Markle's nephews Tyler and Thomas Dooley, does Tyler run a cannabis farm and who's their dad Thomas Markle Jr?

Here's all you need to know about the nephews that were left out of the guest list.

Who’s Tyler Dooley?

Meghan has two nephews on her half-brother’s side.

Thomas Markle Jnr, 52, has two sons with his ex-wife, Tracy Dooley.

Tyler, said to be the youngest child at 26, lives in Oregon.

It is reported he works as a cannabis farmer, which was legalised in the state in 2015 for recreational use.

He is said to be planning a new strain of the drug called Markle Sparkle, in homage to his aunt.

But he claims to have last spoken to his aunt three years ago.

Tyler told the Mail Online: “Meghan grew up in California and I am sure has an American view on pot.

“Prince Harry enjoys a good party. I’d be happy to show them around if they ever come out here and educate them on the medicinal benefits of marijuana which helps everything from post-traumatic stress syndrome to insomnia to pain in cancer patients.”

We recently saw the youngster on MTV's The Royal world, where he stayed in a house with other young relatives of the royal community.

In December, The Sun Online exclusively shared how he thinks Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Jr. have both sold Meghan out.

He said: "It was never like we had a super tight-knit family before to be honest.

“But the fact that now the whole world gets to see how my father or Aunt Samantha behaves, it is like an open wound for everyone to see.

“That's the hardest part, the fact that there is no privacy. It is hard to deal with. It is embarrassing and sad all at the same time.

“My father and Aunt Samantha have sold my grandfather out, sold my family out, sold Meghan out. It has been hard to deal with.”

Who’s Thomas Dooley?

Also known as TJ, he is the elder of the brothers at 27.

He is said to work as a manager for a fast food chain, reportedly Domino’s.

But he shares similar views to his brother over the use of cannabis, with the family giving cannabis oil to their three-legged wolf and Dutch Shepherd cross, Cody.

It is thought Meghan was close to her nephews when she was younger, and would regularly babysit him and his brother.

Photos and footage have emerged showing an 11-year-old Meghan playing with a one-year-old Thomas.

Despite his family – including his mum Tracy and dad Thomas Markle Snr – not receiving invites to the wedding, he and his mum and brother jetted to London.

They were photographed touching down in the capital, and shared tourist snaps on their social media accounts.

The family have previously given TV interviews to the press over Meghan and the wedding.

Who’s their dad Thomas Markle Jnr?

The family has three Thomas’, Thomas Markle Snr, 74, is Meghan’s dad.

He has a son, Thomas Markle Jnr, 52, and another, Thomas, known as TJ, aged 27.

Thomas Markle Jnr is Meghan’s half-brother and father to her two nephews.

When Meghan was born he was living with the family, including sister Samantha Grant, his dad and Meghan’s mum Doria.

The dad of two is said to work as a window fitter in Oregon and has previously had run-ins with the law.

He was reportedly arrested last January for allegedly holding a gun to a woman's head during a drunken argument.

He was later charged with menacing, pointing a firearm at another person, and unlawful use of a weapon.

According to court documents, he pointed the gun at girlfriend Darlene Blount in an attempt to get her to leave.

He has since apologised and said he is "seeking help".

Meghan's half-brother was also not invited to the wedding, and went public with his feelings, writing an open letter in May telling Meghan to call off the upcoming nuptials, branding it a “fake fairy tale”.

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