Woman proudly shows off her cleaning cupboard but gets absolutely savaged for ‘extreme’ product stockpile – The Sun

It's safe to say that in 2020 many of us have increased our stash of cleaning products.

But for most of people, that stash is confined to the cupboard under the sink – not a small room filled top to bottom with bottles, tubs and boxes.

Just a little cupboard wasn't enough for one woman, who has filled a small cupboard top-to-bottom with enough cleaning supplies to last a lifetime.

Sharing photos of her cleaning area on the Facebook group Zoflora Addicts, she wrote: "Hubby says stop. Me I get so excited for what's coming next."

The images show hundreds of bottles of Zoflora, Surf, Bold and dozens of other brands.

She's fully stocked for any situation, with dozens of bottles of disinfectant, washing detergent, bleach and washing up liquid at her disposal.

While the woman shared the photos of her impressive collection in confidence, she has since been trolled mercilessly by people online.

One person exclaimed: "Oh dear! I love cleaning products i love to clean but that is a serious problem if you have that much stored!"

A second said: "I’m not surprised he’s said stop!"

Someone else questioned: "Will you actually use all those bottles though?"

Another comment read: "God forbid there's ever a fire in your house."

While another fumed: "There’s really no need for this amount !!!!! I’m surprised you’ve still got a Husband."

However, others were more complimentary, with some people even admitting they were envious of her massive haul.

One woman wrote: "Okay so after this group I’m sure they need to create a cleaning product anonymous. The addiction is real lol. VERY impressive collection lol."

A second joked: "Just wow lol what’s in the carrier bag? Cleaning products. Love it , but no wonder why your hubby’s mad lol."

A third chimed in: "My idea of heaven."

And another person said: This lady may not smoke? Or drink.. this maybe her only treat to herself . I never understood why people question someone else’s happiness.. I would love this but I love wine more!"

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